Your Guide to Art School Resources and Information

Art Degrees

Looking to further your education and earn an art degree? Many art or design education programs award an art degree upon completion.

Art degree types

There are various art degrees available at each level of education, from vocational to secondary to post-secondary.

  • Art Certificate (browse schools)
    A certificate is awarded for specific (professional) studies or curriculums. Certification in a particular field, like art or design, is awarded in a one year program, though some programs may run for only four to six months.

  • Art Diploma (browse schools)
    A Diploma is awarded to students for completion of a course of study or program in a particular professional field. Diploma credits may or may not transfer to other schools.

  • Associate's Degree (browse schools)

    Associate of Arts (AA) - An Associate of Arts degree is awarded to students studying the Liberal Arts, and are often intended for transfer to a four-year college, but may be awarded as a terminal art degree.

    Associate of Science (AS) - The Associate of Science degree is awarded to students in the areas of technology, mathematics, or natural sciences.

    Associate of Applied Arts (AAA) - The Associate of Applied Arts degree is a "career oriented" art degree, meaning it is particular to the field of study (art, design, etc.), and are usually designed to give the student the basics required for an entry level position in the field.

    Associate of Applied Science (AAS) - The Associate of Applied Science degree focuses study and course work on the field of study, and has fewer general education requirements (than an AA degree).

    Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) - The Associate of Fine Arts degree is awarded to students in Music, Theater, and Art, and is designed to give students a foundation in artistic principles, history, and applications. An AFA degree is usually transferable, though some general education requirements may not be met upon conferral.

  • Bachelor's Degree (browse schools)

    Bachelor of Arts (BA) - The Bachelor of Arts degree is an undergraduate degree given for study in any academic subject (Art, English, etc.), and requires two years of additional coursework (compared to AA).

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a specialized art degree awarded by an art school for completion of study in the fine arts (or performing arts).

    Bachelor of Science (BS) - The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded to students studying towards a specific profession (such as art or design).

    Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) - The Bachelor of Applied Arts degree focuses course work on the field of study. It is an undergraduate degree that bridges academic and work-life experiences.

    Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) - The Bachelor of Architecture is a "professional" degree available to students after completing a three-year general Architecture degree.

  • Master's Degree (browse schools)

    Master of Arts (MA) - The Master of Arts degree is a postgraduate degree awarded by colleges in the Liberal Arts (Fine Arts, English, History, Humanities, etc.).

    Master of Fine Arts (MFA) - The Master of Fine Arts degree is a graduate degree requiring two to three years of study beyond the BA degree level and is awarded in the fine arts (visual art, performing arts, etc.).

    Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) - The Master of Architecture is a professional degree in architecture, which qualifies the student to continue through the stages of professional architectural accreditation, with the end result of obtaining a license.