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Think you don’t have time to earn the respected degree you need? Think again. Earn your degree online in as little as 20 months with Westwood College. Westwood College’s online program gives you the flexibility to study at the times and places you choose.

The demand for Animators will continue well into the future as more focus is placed on high-tech digital media, special effects, and 3D animation.

Game Design
A passion for video games could be your advantage in an industry whose stock in trade is fun and fantasy. But game design also requires artistic skills, and only highly qualified graduates will find jobs focused on video game interactive software that run from game design, to the military, health care, television, and even education.

Visual Communications
Graduates of Westwood’s Visual Communications program have the opportunity to enter an exciting, creative field that offers the opportunity to work on everything from illustration and advertising, to animation and multimedia production. Graduates of the program typically pursue positions working for advertising agencies, in-house design departments, design companies, web-design firms, and Internet companies. Graphic designers with a proven portfolio also have success pursuing freelance opportunities.

Web Design
The growth of the Internet, the birth of the Web, and the heavy emphasis on electronic media has led to the creation of a whole new industry and design field, Web Design. Web sites are considered critical for many businesses today and the industry is thirsty for designers who can design sites with ads that inspire reaction and response from the huge international Web audience.

Fashion Merchandising
The Fashion Merchandising Program equips students and working professionals with the skills necessary to establish and advance a career in the growing field of fashion merchandising. The program combines an introduction to the global fashion industry, as well as the basics of the design and creation of fashion items. In addition, the program provides a solid foundation in critical business skills necessary for a successful career in merchandising including marketing, consumer behavior, retail management, and contemporary business technology. The Fashion Merchandising Program provides students with a solid foundation for success in Fashion Merchandising entry-level positions such as assistant fashion buyer, fashion buyer, catalog manager, special events coordinator, and fashion coordinator.

Information about on-time graduation and placement rates, median loan debt, tuition and fees, and related Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) can be found here.

Westwood College - Online

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