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American University - Online

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American University - Online Information

Online is the web-based virtual campus of an American University, an international university.

An American University online mission is to provide busy professionals with an opportunity to continue their educations and advance their careers without disrupting their current lifestyles and schedules.

We are dedicated to accomplishing this goal by making a quality online education available to anyone with a passion for learning or a motivation to make their career aspirations come true.

The Online degree programs allow students the freedom to study online any time to achieve their Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degrees in an ever-expanding range of degree programs. With our rich multimedia course delivery and dedicated instructors, we have become one of the fastest growing online universities in North America.

If you are seeking an online degree relating to the field of visual communication, the School of Visual Communication can help with your education needs. The expanding market for Web-based graphic information and the increasing preponderance of computer-animated video entertainment are fueling a demand for graphic designers with up-to-date knowledge and skills. Online's rich multimedia course content has been developed to prepare imaginative students with the knowledge and project-based experience they can leverage to pursue creative career opportunities in advertising, computer animation, marketing and many other areas.

American University - Online

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