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American University in Atlanta

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American University in Atlanta Information

Students looking for a quality education that can prepare them for the academic, personal, and professional rigors of the real world have been coming to an American University's campus for nearly 30 years.

Fashion Design
Are you ready for the challenge of a successful career in Fashion Design? Our Fashion Design program helps you acquire the multifaceted skills you will need to understand and move seamlessly into the fast moving fashion industry. Our Fashion Design program was developed to inspire students to create and produce innovative designs. Students will explore a variety of traditional techniques and combine them with computer-aided design to develop and utilize industry skills. As part of the hands-on training students receive, we offer opportunities to visit the Vanity Fair Design Headquarters, Project “E”, Duckhead, AmericasMart and Lectra. We also offer internships with such designers as Betsy Johnson-NYC, BCBG-NYC, Limited National Headquarters-Columbus, OH., Atlanta Costume, Rich’s-Macy’s, Great Beginnings, Ann Barge and Melissa Sweet

Fashion Marketing
Our Fashion Marketing degree program is designed to educate students and prepare them for a rewarding career in Fashion. Students will learn the inner workings of the retail and wholesale fashion industry by studying trends, analyzing the market, and evaluating production needs. Successful fashion marketers can identify trends and adapt them to the marketplace, as well as understand the psychology of the consumer.

Web Design
Are you looking for a career in Web Design or Digital Media? The Visual Communications program is designed to give our students the tools they need to pursue a satisfying career in such fields as Web Design, Graphic Design and Illustration. Created with the artistic and imaginative student in mind, the program can give you the foundation you need to solve complex design problems. We have combined the practical applications of design with creative ideas to produce this exciting program. Students gain comprehensive working knowledge of visual expression as a means of developing and communicating ideas.

Interior Design
Have you ever entered a room and felt you could make the space into something unique? Our Interior Design program was created to prepare students to practice as professional Interior Designers who are qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces. We have structured the program to integrate the essential general study courses needed for a quality educational foundation, with the creative hands-on training students desire.

Broadcasting or Web Media
Stop to explore a satisfying career in Broadcasting or Web Media! The Media Production curriculum is designed to be a hands-on program that can prepare students for successful careers in the video and audio production fields. Students can utilize industry current technology, such as shooting video with digital cameras and editing with AVID or Final Cut Pro software. When students elect the Audio concentration, they work on digital audio workstations and can use Logic and ProTools software.

American University in Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
United States
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