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Animation, Digital Arts, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Merchandising, Game Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Special Effects, Visual Communications, Web Design
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Visual College of Art and Design VCAD Information

For over 35 years, VCAD has taught artists and imaginative people to follow their creative passions. VCAD's Fine Arts diploma program is highly-regarded for providing a well-rounded arts education in an environment that emphasizes creativity and individuality. We are proud to be associated with this educational heritage and we are eager to bring its studio-based legacy into the digital age at our new campus in Vancouver.

The constant evolution of digital design leads employers within the industry to continually seek out only the best-trained candidates for the job. Our Applied Arts curriculum has been developed to ensure that our graduates are successful in meeting the employment requirements of these industries. VCAD maintains close ties with the fashion, graphic design and video gaming industries to continually assess our curriculum and gain insight about industry needs.

Web Design
Develop your creative signature! Get your start in the exciting industry of web design with help from VCAD’s Web Design program. As the world moves forward at a digital pace, you can keep up by honing your creative talents and applying them to a new, fast-paced career. You'll learn about web usability, color & typography and hand-coding techniques!

Graphic Design
Are you passionate about page layout? Fascinated by product packaging? Does typography make you swoon? If so, then turn your passion into a rewarding and creative career. With the Graphic Design diploma program at VCAD, you will build a skill set that compliments your artistic talents so you can launch a successful career as a graphic designer.

Marketing & Merchandising for Fashion
Marketing and merchandising are crucial to the global success of the multi-billion dollar fashion industry. Are you ready to combine your business-savvy and keen fashion sense into a career in fashion? VCAD's Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion diploma program can get you there!

3D Modeling Animation Art & Design
Are you passionate about 3D animation? Ready to turn this passion into a fun-filled creative career? In the 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design diploma program at VCAD, you'll learn the tools and develop the skills to succeed in the Computer Generated animation industry.

Fashion Design
Do you have a unique sense of style? Are you passionate about fabrics and colors? Do you express yourself through your clothing? Then turn your passion into a chic career! In the Fashion Design diploma program at VCAD, you'll develop the skills to transform your creative ideas into beautiful garments and accessories so you can change the world through fashion.

Interior Design
Are you passionate about creating the ideal living or work space? Love materials and fabrics? Can you express yourself creatively by choosing the right piece of furniture? If so, then turn your passion into a creative and rewarding career. In the Interior Design diploma program at VCAD, you will build a skill set that compliments your creative vision so you can excel in a career as an interior designer.

Game Development and Design
You want to turn your passion for playing video games into a successful career? The Game Development and Design program provides graduates with the solid technical and artistic foundations they’ll need to become a part of this growing industry.

In order to be successful in the game, animation and CGI industries, you'll learn the key of storytelling, game design, game play, modeling, and animation techniques. From color theory, design fundamentals to life drawing, students will be able to apply industry standard software tools and techniques to production processes.

Career opportunities can be found in a variety of CGI-based industries, including computer animation studios, game development companies, post production and special effects studios. They may also work for industrial design firms and software producers, or for companies that require the production of 3D graphics and animation.

  • Work with major trends in visual arts in the game, animation and visual effects industries.
  • Apply critical thinking and creative expression techniques.
  • Analyze and critique a production.
  • Draw a character and its environment.
  • Produce a concept sketch.
  • Shape a model.
  • Stage a scene.
  • Design game environments.
  • Design game characters.
  • Develop a storyboard.
  • Produce computer-generated images.
  • Produce 3D models of props.
  • Prepare 3D models of characters.
  • Animate characters.
  • Create digital visual effects.
  • Present a professional portfolio.

Mobile Game Design and Development
You love innovation, building amazing games and having fun along the way? Mobile game design and development is definitely one of the hottest emerging fields around.

The latest mobile devices have changed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves creating a demand for mobile application designers, developers, artists and application testers. The Mobile Game Design and Development program will provide students with the technical skills needed to jump-start an exciting career in the fast-paced mobile development environment.Students will gain a strong knowledge of multiplatform mobile technologies and tools. From game design to scripting and coding and 3D animation, the program will cover the fundamentals you need to launch an exciting new career. They’ll also be able to apply industry standard software and techniques to the creation of mobile applications.

Career opportunities exist in a wide range of settings within the mobile development industry including animation studios, game development companies and more.

Upon successful completion of the four terms of this program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Propose creative solutions to mobile design problems.
  • Evaluate the appropriate materials, tools, techniques and concepts, required to produce an effective design solution.
  • Create digital graphics and illustrations for mobile applications.
  • Determine the appropriate media and technology based on project requirements.
  • Manage project and time constraints.
  • Code efficiently to meet design, delivery and technology constraints.
  • Process digital images using appropriate software.
  • Produce single and multi page layouts using the appropriate software.
  • Create a fully functional mobile application, game or site.
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