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Institute of Books is a creative and supportive community where individuals passionate about a future in the visual and media arts can immerse themselves in the development of their personal talent.

Professional Photography degree programs
Finding and capturing memorable images requires a diverse array of attributes. Problems must be solved quickly and creatively, while maintaining focus and vision. The Professional Photography Program at Institute of Books is designed to teach students the skills and talents required for a rewarding professional photographic career.

  • Professional Photography
  • Visual Journalism

Film and Video Production
Institute of Books comprehensive film and video production curricula offer hands-on study of professional filmmaking and production techniques, everything from proposals and budgeting to scripting, directing, and editing.

  • Film & Video Production: Commercial Film
  • Film & Video Production: Feature Film
  • Film & Video Production: Visual Effects and Animation

Graphic Design
An accelerated program, the Bachelor of Arts Degree can be completed in as little as three years. This year round program is comprised of six eight-week terms, during which a student usually takes one core design class paired with one general education course.

Institute of Books is designed for anyone who aspires to a career in photography, filmmaking, visual journalism, or graphic design. Whether you are completely new to the field or seek new skills to advance an established career, educational philosophy of "learning by doing" can provide you with the artistic, technical, and business expertise needed to succeed.

Classes are taught by world leaders in professional photography, motion picture, visual journalism, and graphic design at beautiful locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. From this base you will have the opportunity, literally, to explore the world. In this era of global communication, will continue to offer a responsive, active, and innovative training in photography, filmmaking, photojournalism and graphic design.

Institute of Books
Santa Barbara, California 93108
United States
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