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Coleman University - San Diego

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Coleman University - San Diego Information

The mission of Coleman University is to prepare students for meaningful careers in the computer professions, while providing an environment where those who become a part of this academic community may develop their full potential as human beings.

Coleman consistently provides extensive hands-on experience for its students, who have ready access to the latest computer equipment. That's part of the Coleman difference. We expect our graduates to encounter a wide variety of technical events and problems on the job, so it makes sense for them to encounter them first during training.

Graphic Design
The objective of the College of Graphic Design Technology (CGDT) curriculum is to develop students' critical and creative thinking processes and proficiency with the tools, media and techniques of the graphics field, from traditional approaches to the use of computer-generated art and its role in the interface of the World Wide Web.

Coleman University - San Diego
8888 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, California 92123
United States
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