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CollegeAmerica - Denver

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Our College in Denver, located in the capitol of Colorado, is situated in an ideal location for both business and recreation. From banking to government, high technology, and medical services, Denver thrives as a hub for the central United States.

Graphic Arts
From beginners to experienced designers, here is a program that can help you succeed and advance your career in the exciting field of Graphic Arts. Learn the power of the computer with the most modern techniques and applications available in graphic design. This incredible program offers a combination of on-line and classroom training for unparalleled flexibility and is the faster way to better pay and a satisfying job. Graphic Designers are at the core of advertising, marketing, new products industries, and much more. The look and feel of books, magazines, TV, and newspapers depend on Graphic Designers. They can be involved in fashion, home and business interior design, packaging and other exciting, cutting-edge fields. You will have opportunities as a Web Page Developer/ Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Page Programmer, or Multimedia Designer, Graphic Artists are employed by corporation for web site development and maintenance, in marketing firms, many small business as entrepreneurs, in consulting firms, and in various publishing & media.

CollegeAmerica - Denver
1385 South Colorado Blvd.
5th Fl.
Denver, Colorado 80222
United States
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