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Collins College

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Film, Game Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Special Effects
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Collins College Information

The School of Visual Arts & Design at Collins College offers quality degree programs for students seeking exciting careers in design, film and video, and visual arts.

Game Design
Collins College Game Design program offers a way to do both! In our Bachelor of Arts Game Design Degree (BA), our curriculum is designed to equip you with game essentials like C++, Java, 3ds max and AI (Artificial Intelligence) so you can make your quest-driven concept a game reality. Your education in Game Design will take you from game research and planning, character development and storytelling, all the way through level design, modeling programming and project management. It takes more than imagination to be a game designer, and we can help you to take your ideas from concept to completion and beyond. Get in the game with Collins College Video Game Design training. Collins College can also accept BA candidates with AA degrees in game design-related fields and/or general education courses from other schools with appropriate official transcripts for credit transfer consideration.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design is a harmonious blend of communication, commerce and art. It’s used to sell products and services by way of branding, advertising and packaging. You can learn how to become a visual problem solver as you refine and perfect your design skills in typography, color theory, digital production, empirical design and art direction through real world applications. Best of all, you can graduate with a portfolio of print media creative work that can help you land your very first job in the graphic design field.

Interior Design
Furniture and accessories aren’t the only things that make a room. Learn to combine form with function to transform public and personal spaces into habitats people will love to be in. Experiment with the impact that color, light, texture and balance have on interior environments. Use architectural drafting and computer-aided design to transform concepts into beautiful, yet practical surroundings. You can also gain knowledge of building systems, regulations, and current business practices to prepare you for your internship and professional career.

Film and Digital Video
If you have a passion for creating stories with digital video, the Associate of Arts degree in Digital Video Production at Collins College could be for you. You can explore live television studio production and staging techniques for live events. Demonstrate your talent in the form of videos you create from concept to final, edited composition. We can help you create a portfolio of work to assist you in preparing for an exciting career.

Collins College
9630 N. 25th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85021
United States
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