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Technical College Denver

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Advertising, Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Web Design
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Visual Communications
Our Visual Communications program at Technical College Denver are designed to prepare students for positions in commercial art, graphic design, and multimedia fields. Students are given the opportunity to cultivate their creative talents in digital imaging, computer illustration, web design, desktop publishing, prepress, and advertising techniques by combining industry-current technology with traditional design methods. Plus, students will create a professional portfolio to showcase the professional skills they have obtained in our comprehensive Visual Communications program.

Graphic Design
Become a member of the design revolution! Our Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication - Graphic Design Emphasis can get you ready for entry level positions as a design professional. You can influence advertising agencies, design studios, corporate art departments, and newspaper or magazine publishers by becoming a member of the new wave of designers who will be creating content for the expanding visual media field.

Technical College Denver
Denver, Colorado 80111
United States
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