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Flashpoint Academy

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Flashpoint Academy Information

Flashpoint, The Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, is committed to the advancement of higher learning in the field of digital arts and entertainment technologies.

Surrounded by their peers and educators with a passion for the future, students at Flashpoint pursue two-year programs in Film/Broadcast Media, Recording Arts, Visual Effects/Animation or Game Development. But education is just the starting point.

Game Design
Do you have a passion for games? If so, you can be a part of this exciting industry. There are many challenging roles you can play in the game business, and the foundation you will find at Flashpoint Academy will prepare you as a top candidate for those entry level spots. If you want to be a producer, writer, designer, artist, modeler, coder or any of the other dozens of possible roles that our training can prepare you for in this field, here's some of what you can expect in our professionally driven game development, game design and game production school in Chicago. If you're not yet sure what it is that you want to do, our program will give you a great start so that you can find success in your area of specialization.

Visual Effects and Animation
Create a destination indistinguishable from reality. Give birth to a creature indigenous to your wildest dreams, or your darkest nightmares. At Flashpoint, we give you the tools to animate characters and environments and create computer-generated visual effects, using the highest-caliber professional 3D animation software such as Softimage XSI, Maya, Adobe After Effects and ZBrush. From modeling, texture mapping and rendering to compositing your creation into a film, the only limit at this school is your own imagination. We teach the most sophisticated tools available today; no other college programs in Chicago offer hands on training, working side-by-side with animators and visual effects artists currently working in the industry.

From screenwriting, storyboarding and pre-visualization to lighting, cinematography and using state-of-the-art film and high definition cameras, Flashpoint’s Film Program allows you to step into every role of a production. You will benefit from an intensive hands-on experience in all aspects of directing as you take the reins of an in-progress film production. Then immerse yourself in other areas of Flashpoint's curriculum as you edit, post-produce and sound design a finished film.

Recording Arts
Our Program carefully targets knowledge and practical experience to afford students an interactive and hands-on learning environment with audio from the outset. We have selectively chosen areas of focus and expertise for providing our students with the necessary tools to start meaningful and fruitful professional careers. Our State-of the-Art facilities include specially designed recording spaces for music (tracking studios), sound for picture (ADR / Foley), narrative (voice over), post-production rooms (editing, mixing, mastering), sound design rooms (sound synthesis, complex signal processing), and labs equipped with individual digital audio workstation systems and an array of virtual sound processors and instruments.

Flashpoint Academy
28 N Clark St.
Chicago, Illinois 60602
United States
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