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Do you need an art degree...

Do you need an art degree... to be a successful artist? Not by any means! An art degree is no guarantee of success and fame (or even employment). Don't attend art school because of the promise or prestige of a degree. A strong portfolio will be your ultimate job winner.

How do you know if you need an art degree?

  • Research your industry
  • Look at job requirements for the companies you would like to work for
  • Seek the advice of industry veterans

Do you have what it takes to be successful?
Every successful artist has one thing in common (and it's not an art degree) - a passion for art! A true passion for art. An intense, driving, overwhelming desire to create.
An artist has to be completely dedicated to his art and must always strive to learn and grow.

Being a successful artist is a lifelong journey, and while an art degree might help you get your foot in the door at certain companies, it is your raw skill, experience and talent that will ultimately lead you to your success.

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