Your Guide to Art School Resources and Information

Paying for Art School

When you have made the decision to attend an art institute and have done the research to find the right school for you, you have to figure out how you're going to pay for it.

Who can apply - Both new art students and currently enrolled students can apply for scholarships. While there are no grade point average requirements for new students, a new applicant's SAT scores are usually reviewed.

Art Scholarships are grants of financial aid awarded to students, usually based on academic or artistic merit or financial need.

We've put together this sample art scholarship application form to help you get an idea of what scholarship forms look like and what information might be required.

Student loan consolidation is the combining of several student loans into a single loan, held by a single lender.

Student loans can make life as a student much easier. They allow you to completely focus your attention on your studies. But beware- when you graduate you have to start paying off these loans. Don't go into the loan process with unrealistic expectations about what you will earn when you get out of school.

To work or not to work-- This is a question every art student must ask. And the answer is different for every student.