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Applying for art scholarships

Who can apply - Both new art students and currently enrolled students can apply for scholarships. While there are no grade point average requirements for new students, a new applicant's SAT scores are usually reviewed. For enrolled students, overall GPA is taken into consideration (usually expected to be 3.00 or higher, however each art scholarship has different requirements).

Qualify for scholarships:

Show Financial need

Present a strong portfolio

Develop strong skills / involvement in required areas

Maintain scholarships:

Many school-awarded art scholarships are renewable each academic year. Be sure to check with the scholarship administrator, as some require you to re-apply each term. These art scholarships have certain requirements in order to qualify for renewal. Scholarship students are expected to be strong and positive leaders, excel in academics, and be good representatives for their school in the community.

When to apply

Get a head start! Begin your scholarship search very early on and give yourself plenty of time to research different scholarships and the requirements of each. If you are in high school, contact your guidance counselor for help. There is plenty of free money out there to help you fund your education. Take advantage of it!

You should plan to begin your art school scholarship search several months before you are scheduled to begin your art classes (at the very least). Ideally, you should begin your art scholarship search one to two years ahead of time. It may seem like an unnecessarily early, but you may need time to work on meeting certain requirements - GPA, community service, extracurricular activities, etc.

When you receive your scholarship application forms, be careful to read them completely and thoroughly and make note of the entry deadlines and add them to your calendar.

Also, allow plenty of time for your application to arrive via mail.

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