Portfolio FAQ

The following information will help you will create your own ArtStudy Portfolio and show off your artwork!

Who can create a portfolio?
All artists, especially high school and college students looking for a professional quality online portfolio to display their work for scholarships, school admittance, internships, etc., are welcome to upload artwork and create a portfolio.

How do I create a portfolio and add artwork to it?
First, you must register for a free account. Then, from your Account page, click on the Upload Artwork link and follow the simple on-page instructions.

What happens to my artwork Copyright?
You, the artist, will remain the copyright holder to any original work that you submit.

What kind of artwork can be uploaded?
All forms of artwork can be posted. Be sure to read the submission guidelines for quality and content restrictions.

Managing Your Portfolio

How many images can be in a portfolio?
Portfolios may contain 10 images max. Portfolios are meant to show a select group of your best artwork. 10 images is a standard number required for scholarship portfolios, etc.

How are images positioned in the portfolio?
Images are positioned in your portfolio in the order in which they are uploaded. The first image uploaded will be in the bottom right corner. That last image uploaded will be at the top left of your gallery.

How is the portfolio thumbnail selected?
Your portfolio's thumbnail is the last image you've uploaded. Each time you upload an image, your thumbnail will be updated.